Nieuwe Video : Desmond Read - Meest Onderschatte Pt.3

Vandaag brengt Desmond Read een video uit,
 in samenwerking met de kunstenares Magdalena Anopsy.
Van de track "Meest Onderschatte Pt.3" Geproduceerd door Fonziii Herbs.
Afkomstig van zijn aankomende Project VIBES dat op 30 maart uit komt met Samenwerkingen van Dion Mase & Whitney XCIV  de project en Track zijn dan overal te streamen/downloaden.
De video is geschoten en gemonteerd door de Kunstenares Magdalena Anopsy.

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Dancing In A Field Of Consciousness

Government vs Spirit

What does government mean? Translated to latin it means to controle the mind. What we call the government is the controle of our minds. They make it seem like they control our bodies environment but that is not true. The whole world has a government. We all have to obey or else we get our rented lives taken form us and keep not only our body but also our mind in prisoned.
Yes, we do need leadership but do we need controle over our minds? In what ways do they controle our minds and how can we be in controle of our minds?

In what ways does the government controle our spirits? We we’re lead to believe that we are our bodies and the spirit is in the heavens with god. We know now that we are not only body but spirit to. The body, the mind and the spirit need different things. The body get it’s energy through foods and drinks, the mind makes energy through knowledge and the spirit is fed by making good energy or vibrations. Like how we feel when we are in love or "making love”, or the feeling you get when you are doing something you really love. That is making good energy.
In these last couple of years more people are waking up to the notion that we need more spiritual food than the physical or mental food. We are looking for more unity and love in our day to day lives that can  make beautiful things happen. But at the same time we live in a world that is heavily controlled. Right now we experience almost no privacy because of our smart phones. All our conversations are recorded to make fitting ads for you to trick you into buying stuff you don’t actually need. The worst thing is we know all this but we can’t seem to break free from that hold because on some level we enjoy it. It doesn’t make us bad because we are conditioned to act like this.
But what i learned is that if you can learn behavior you can definitely  unlearn behaviors. This is a skill we as the people with spirit need to adopt for the already ongoing war for our spirit. It’s a very difficult war to win because this war is inside of us. We are constantly  fighting against what we know and feel is right.
If you think about things like the news for instance. Because of the negative and often fearful energy it generates, it looks like we need to be in low spirits all the time. But that is not the natural state of the spirit. If you look at a baby of no more than 1 month old you can see what our spirits look and act like in there natural state. In month 2 all baby’s adopted some ways of the earthly realm.
If you think about the way we are made to identify with our appearances it makes me feel like we are missing the point of being on earth. It’s not  uncommon to see similarities in the way we think about ourselves. 
We are made to be zombies in life and just walk around with our faces in our phones.
There are ways to break free from those molds. Some people will never break free because they are comfortable with their zombie lives. But our essence wants to be connected.

If we look at the way we are distracted from our essence it’s only logical that it wil be used against us in this war for spirit. Why wouldn’t they use our weaknesses and temptations against us if they already control our minds. It’s not that big of a stretch. When you keep your mind from ignorance it can’t ever be used against you. Its not wrong to question why the government does things like keeping people alienated from their ancestral  influences. It’s hard to ignore things that are put right in front of you but focusing on your goals in life can help with that. Truth, connection and growth is like water for the spirit. If the spirit is distracted and alone it will dry up. It gets harder to soak up  any water if it’s been drying out for a long time. When the spirit stays hydrated it can get controle back over your mind and even defend the mind against distractions. After all the biggest war we wil ever win, is the one within our selfs.