Dancing In A Field Of Conciousness: Spirit In The Dark

Just recently the Great Aretha Franklin, Queen Of Soul, evolved from this realm. It got me thinking. As i saw her life story, on the surface it can look like a dark life. But if we think about what she endured, she needed that darkness to make her life light again. She has a song called Spirit in the dark and when i was listening to that song and i could hear that al the darkness in her life hasn’t made her stay in the darkness. It has inspired her to live in her spirit and move her spirit to where she can be free to be who she wants to be and believe that it is within her spirit to be her great self. To me she transformed her darkness into light to where she was functioning in the society she had to live in. I believe that she loved to honor her spirit and the spirits that she had around her. Most of her songs where considered love songs but i believe they are a tribute to life songs. Because love is life and life needs to be loved in the way only a spirit in the dark can love. 
We as humans with spirits think we belong in the light but we forget that the most beautiful things come from darkness. But how can our spirit survive from the darkness? Finding yourself fighting the invisible forces can keep you in dark thoughts, situations and environments but recognizing the simplicity of the flow of growth, thats where you find your place in the light. If we listen to our gut instincts, how our spirits move in the darkness, what dark feelings or thoughts you have or situations you might be in, should be explored to the fullest extend instead of avoiding the pain that may come with it. 
In life we focus on success and prize and for some people that comes naturally. They don’t have to work to be in the light, they just live light. But even those people have dark moments. Those moments is where you find beauty of ones ability to deal with pain, physically and emotionally. If we look at celebrity lives. That is a clear picture of living in light. For some celebrity’s the darkness creeps up on them like a cat on a hunt. Because they’er so used to having their lives centered around light it can be hard for them to find their way back to light when it is time to let their spirit grow. Some find it through religion. Its the closed thing we humans with spirit, know to be light. But when organized religion is not your thing, how do you find your light?
From my own experiences i can say that it does not happen over night. It is a process of elimination and dedication to what you believe is true. I’m a firm believer of light. I believe everyone has it. The amounts of it are just different in all people. That is what connects us on a spiritual level. Have you ever had a friend that was the rebel between you two and you needed to  be saved all the time but you still love their energy and you would not want to change them for anything in the world because that same rebellious behavior has saved you from some bad situations? That is the kind of darkness we need. She probably had to go through some things to know how to deal in those bad situations. We need to be open and upfront about it. But the people that think sex with children and animals is good, those people are only living in their animal brains. The reptilian brain. Everyone has it. Everyone also has the ability to rise from that kind of brain thinking, even if you don’t believe it. Some people just love tot think in the reptilian brain and that is fine too, we need animals around us, but when it becomes harmful it needs to be dealt with accordingly. But that behavior is not the fault of the darkness. It’s  like the near death experience that has been described as a light in the distance or at the end of the tunnel. If you think about it, we live in darkness to find our way to the light in death, but I believe we can see and be that light when we are alive. 
We need darkness to grow from where we are in life. If you think about flowers growing in darkness it makes sense. We don’t consider a flower to be bad or evil but it  also needs darkness to be able to continue the journey or cycle of life. The spirit doesn’t need light to be light. Spirit is of light so it can generate light from its own essence. You can even say that the darkness  protects the light so when it’s time to shine, it shines even brighter and time always comes. To be in the flow of life you have to see the signs you are given to learn from the behaviors  you need to evolve from and what behaviors keep you in darkness. Because to me the purpose of darkness is the magic that comes from it. But things that stay to long in the darkness tend to adapt to the environment. When you are adapting to your surroundings so much, your only option is to stay in that same surrounding that you have learned to live in. This can be detrimental for your spirit. 

Just like I’m trying to find my way into the light in life, we can’t forget to keep growing. I think that is what Miss Franklin was trying to teach us. The way you can survive from darkness is growth and love. It always leads to light. As the spirits and humans and maybe even animals. Because great things grow from darkness.

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